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A multishipper who will write drabbles that can fit into a single ask
Just name a fandom, and a pairing. I'll do my best.
Game of Thrones
Assassin's Creed
Homestuck and more.

Fair warning: There will be NSFW posts on here. Proceed with caution

Korra: 19

Noatak was the bender. The abhorrent, unnatural, creature that could move water at will. Bend the structure into ice, or raise steam as it suited him. An abomination unto the world.

Not Amon.

Amon was the epitome of equality. He was no bender. Not a bender, but capable of greatness none the less. An idea that people rallied behind, something that gave the oppressed masses strength.

But when the lines between them began to blur, the man behind the mask didn’t know which he truly was.

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A Graphical Representation of Why I Like Tahno / Ship Tahnorra
in light of that post going around where other people declare their indifference toward tahno (and i don’t mind, i respect their views, really), i decided to make this little post because this is my honest answer to why i like tahno/ship tahnorra


A Graphical Representation of Why I Like Tahno / Ship Tahnorra

in light of that post going around where other people declare their indifference toward tahno (and i don’t mind, i respect their views, really), i decided to make this little post because this is my honest answer to why i like tahno/ship tahnorra


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Korra: 16

Mako’s skin was fire against hers, his tongue tracing circles down her chest and navel. His fingers outlining, tracing gently along her inner thighs, teasing her. The rough pads of his fingers only heightened the sensations running through her body. Her hips rolled up to meet his gentle touch and he marveled at the way her muscles rippled under her tan flesh. He loved the way she said his name, each syllable rich with the sounds of sex and her own native accent.

Her hips moved up again, pressing herself harder into his hand.

2 years ago
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wow okay

this dumb hiatus was totally unintended but feelings and stuff.

first things first- I need to get all the Tahorra/Tahnorra in my reqs out of the way. I love it, but it’s bogging me down from other ships.

I will work on LoK reqs that are currently in place, then get on with reading homestuck and catching up with GoT.

I have a plan.

I will stick to this plan.

I will not be distracted by Buffy.

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TMI Tuesday

If you guys have any questions for me while I’m writing/doing laundry send me an ask :D

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ToraDora: 1

She shed the dress, practically ripped it off herself.

"I still look like one of those stupid pastries!" She yelled, her short stature no less imposing. She ran her hand through her bangs, frustrated and angry.

She stomped out of the dressing room, pulling on her street clothes and walking out of the store. 

A street vendor, selling newspapers and snacks, offered one of the offending pastries for, “such a sweet-looking little girl”.

Ripping it from his hands, she threw it farther down the street, grumbling about those goddamned snoballs.

2 years ago
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Baccano!: 1

He held her hand, twining her fingers with his, pressing his lips softly against hers. Ever since the fiasco on the train, this had been their way of saying goodbye. When he pulled away, he lingered, inches away from her, his forehead pressed against hers. They shared a comfortable laugh, before he pulled away and turned from her. “Go get’em.” She drawled with her sharp Chicago accent, her smirk plastered on her face. She stepped past him, patting his behind, illicting a small squeak from him.

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Anonymous said: you write amazing tahnorra everything, so I'll join the anons asking for kinky tahnorra - pro bending locker room, maybe jealous! mako catches them?

/gently fans self

Anon, plz.

wow I’m getting great requests tonight no seriously I’m loving these omg.


you guys really do spoil me with compliments waay too much <3 uwu 

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Korra: 18

There was a reason he always stood behind them, as he took a person’s bending away

He crumples the papers in his hands. Shoving others out of his way, he slams his fists down on the desk, hearing wood splinter, sharp edges digging into his calloused hands.

He hated the haunting expression in their eyes. As if it physically pained them to have their bending taken. As if it were he that was the monster.

His porcelain mask rested next to his hand. He regards the smirking facade with contempt.

It’s not him who’s the monster, he consoles himself silently. The monster is the mask- he is only the man behind it.

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Korra: 17

Korra held him close. She felt the way his muscles moved, tensing and relaxing as he breathed in and out. His forehead rested on her shoulder, his arms wrapped around her waist. She didn’t know his pain, she could only see it, but she knew it was tearing him apart. She knew this was the only way she could help him right now. So they stood there, wrapped in each other’s arms as he stubbornly refused to cry.

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Anonymous said: not a request, (although you write wonderfully!) but I just wanted to say that your new theme is gorgeous!

Thanks! I was pretty excited to find a theme that I honestly liked in the premade ones tumblr has set up! and it’s pretty easily navigated.

I’m terrible with computers omg so this was a blessing!

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okay gotta put the Homestuck ones on hold for a bit because I am so far behind on the series that it’s painful. Last time I was officially caught up was like, January :I

I will add this to the list of things I need to do before I start work this summer. :o!!

busy busy I’m still writing, guys. :33 < purromise

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6 followers in one day

my god you people


I love you all. Thank you, for amazing prompts

and pretty much just reading my drabbles

I’ll work some more tomorrow mornin’

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Korra: 15

He heard them laughing, the thunk of the exercise ball being passed between them. 

"It’s not your business, Mako." He said to himself. Restraining himself. But she laughed at a joke his brother made. Another stupid joke.

"C’mon guys. Our practice slot is over. The next team probably wants to get in here." He grumbled to them, picking up his teammate’s bags, shouldering them.

He heard Korra give him a raspberry, and Bolin pat her on the shoulder. He tensed and stalked out of the gym, and they continued to laugh about some stupid joke, following him out.

He could have hurled the damned bags through a wall.

"You think he’d learn to step off when he’s been rejected." He grumbled to himself, out of earshot of his teammates; out of earshot of his brother and his best friend.

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Anonymous said: I agree with that other anon. You write some of my favorite Tahorra drabbles! If it's not too much, could I ask for some Tahorra - accidental stimulation? :D

I honestly don’t have a proper gif to explain how much you guys are making me blush so have a puppy instead (I have plenty of gifs of them.)
anyway, yes of course this will be added to the list!! omg you guys I’m so happy more people have jumped to this little tahorra tugboat :D

2 years ago
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